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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 18

2 a Which counte your selues juste? as {Chap. 12,4}

2 b Whome you take to be but beastes, as {Chap. 12,7}

3 ! Bildad rehearseth the peines of the vnfaithful and wicked.

4 d Shal God change the ordre of nature for thy sake, by dealing with thee otherwise then he doeth with all men?

5 e When the wicked is in his prosperitie, them God changeth his state: & this in his ordinarie working for their sinnes.

8 f Meaning that the wicked are in continual danger.

12 g That which shulde nourish him, shalbe consumed by famine.

13 h That is, some strong and violent death shal consume his strength: or as the Ebrew worde signifieth, his membres or partes.

15 l Thogh all the worlde wolde fauour him, yet God wolde destroie him & his.

15 k Meaning, not truly come by.