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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 17

1 ! Job sayth that he consumeth away, and yet doeth paciently abide it.

2 a Instead of comforte, being now at deaths dore, he had but them that mocked at him and discouraged him.

2 b I se stil that they seke but to vexe me.

3 c He reasoneth with God as a man beside him selfe to the intent that his cause might be broght to light.

3 d And answer for thee?

4 e That these mine afflictions are thy juste judgements thogh man know not the cause.

5 f He He that flattereth a man, and onely judgeth him happy in his prosperitie, shal not him self onely, but in his posteritie be punished.

6 g God hathe made all the worlde to speake of me, because of mine afflictions.

6 h That is, as a continual sounde in their eares.

8 i To wit, when they se the godlie punished: but in the end they shal come to vnderstanding, and knowe what shal be the reward of the hypocrite.

9 k That is, wil not be discouraged, considering that the godlie are punished aswel as the wicked.

10 l Job speaketh to them thre, that came to comfort him.

10 ! He exhorteth his friends to repentance.

12 m That is, haue broght me sorow instead of comfort.

13 n Thogh I shulde hope to come from aduersitie to prosperitie, as your discours pretendeth.

14 o I haue no more hope in father, mother, sister, or anie worldely thing: for the dust and wormes shalbe to me instead of them.

16 p All worldely hope, and prosperitie faile, which you say, are onely signes of Gods fauour: but seing that these things perish, I set mine hope in God, and in the lie euerlasting.