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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 16

3 a Which serue for vaine ostentation and for no true comforth.

3 b For Eliphaz did replie against Jobs answer.

4 d That is, mocke at your miserie, as you do at mine.

4 c I wolde yourself that which I do.

5 e If this were in my power, yet wolde I comfort you, and not do as ye do to me.

6 f If thei wolde say, Why doest thounot then comfort thy selfe? he answereth, that the judgements of God are more heauy, then he is able to aswage ether by wordes or silence.

7 g Meaning, God.

7 h That is, destroyed most of my familie.

9 k That is, God by his wrath: and in this diuersitie of wordes & hie stile he expresseth how grieuous the hand of God was vpon him.

10 l That is, hathe handeled me moste contempteously: for so simting on the cheke signified, {1 King. 22,24}, {Mar. 14,65}

13 n His manifolde afflictions.

17 q Signifying, that he is not able to comprehend the cause of this his grieuous punishment.

17 r That is, vnfained, and without hypocrisie.

18 s Let my sinne by knowen, if I be suche a sinner as mine aduersaries accuse me, and let me finde no fauour.

19 t Thogh man condemine me, yet God is witnes of my cause.

20 u Vse painted wordes instead of true consolation.

21 x Thus by his great torments he is caryed away and brasteth out into passions, and speaketh vnaduisedly, as thogh God shulde intreat man more gently, seing he hathe but a short time here to liue.