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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 14

1 a Taking occasion of his aduersaries wordes he describeth the state of mans life from his birth to his death.

1 ! Job describeth the shortenes and miserie of the life of man.

3 b His meaning is, that seing that man is so fraile a creature, God shulde not handle him so extremely: wherein Job sheweth the wickednes of the flesh, when it is not subject to the Spirit.

6 c Vntil the time that thou hast appointed for him to dye, which he desireth as the hyreling waiteth for the end of his labour to receyue his wages.

10 d He speaketh not here as thogh he had not hope of the immortalitie, but as a man in extreme peine, when reason is ouercom by affections & torments.

13 f That is, release my peines and take me to mercie.

13 e Hereby he declareth that the feare of Gods judgement was the cause why he desired to dye.

14 g Meaning, vnto the day of the resurrection when he shulde be changed, & renued.

14 ! Hope susteineth the godlie.

15 h Thogh I be afflicted in this life, yet in the resurrection I shal fele thy mercies, and answer when thou callest me.

17 i Thou layest them all together & suffrest none of my sinnes vnpunished.

18 k He murmureth throught the impaciencie of the flesh against God, as thogh he vsed as great seueritie against him as against the hard rockes, or waters that ouerflowe for that hereby all the occasion of his hope is taken away.

22 l Yet whiles he liueth, he shalbe in peine & miserie.