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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 13

1 ! Job coompareth his knowledge with the experience of his friends.

3 a For although he knewe that God has a justice, which was manifest in his ordinarie working, and another in his secret counsel, yet he wolde vtter his affection to God, because he was not able to vnderstand the cause why he did thus punish him.

4 b You do not wel applye your medicine to the disease.

7 c He condemneth their zeale which had not knowledge, nether regarded they to comfort him, but alwaie grated on Gods justice, as thogh it was not euidently sene in Job, except they had vndertaken the probation thereof.

14 e Is not this a manifest signe of mine affliction, and that I do not complaine without cause, seing that I am thus tormented as thogh I shulde teare mine owne flesh, & put my life in danger.

16 ! The penitent shalbe saued, and the hypocrite condemned.

16 f Whereby he declareth that he is not an hypocrite as thei charged him.

18 g Thas is cleared, and not cast of for my sinnes, as you reason.

19 h To proue that God doeth thus punish me for my sinnes.

19 i If I defend not my cause, euerie man wil condemne me.

20 ! He prayeth vnto God that he wolde not handle him rigorously.

23 l His pangs thus moue him to reason with God, not denying but that he had sinned: but he desired to vnderstand.

26 m Thou punishest me now for the fautes that I committed in my youth.

27 n Thou makest me thy prisoner, and doest so presse me that I can not stirre hand nor fote.