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Geneva Bible (1599): Job 14

1 Man that is borne of woman, is of short continuance, and full of trouble.

2 He shooteth foorth as a flowre, and is cut downe: he vanisheth also as a shadowe, and continueth not.

3 And yet thou openest thine eyes vpon such one, and causest me to enter into iudgement with thee.

4 Who can bring a cleane thing out of filthinesse? there is not one.

5 Are not his dayes determined? the nober of his moneths are with thee: thou hast appointed his boundes, which he can not passe.

6 Turne from him that he may cease vntill his desired day, as an hyreling.

7 For there is hope of a tree, if it bee cut downe, that it will yet sproute, and the branches thereof will not cease.

8 Though the roote of it waxe olde in the earth, and the stocke thereof be dead in ye ground,

9 Yet by the sent of water it will bud, and bring foorth boughes like a plant.

10 But man is sicke, and dyeth, and man perisheth, and where is he?

11 As the waters passe from the sea, and as the flood decayeth and dryeth vp,

12 So man sleepeth and riseth not: for hee shall not wake againe, nor be raised from his sleepe till the heauen be no more.

13 Oh that thou wouldest hide me in the graue, and keepe me secret, vntill thy wrath were past, and wouldest giue me terme, and remember me.

14 If a man die, shall he liue againe? All the dayes of mine appointed time will I waite, till my changing shall come.

15 Thou shalt call me, and I shall answere thee: thou louest the worke of thine own hands.

16 But nowe thou nombrest my steppes, and doest not delay my sinnes.

17 Mine iniquitie is sealed vp, as in a bagge, and thou addest vnto my wickednesse.

18 And surely as the mountaine that falleth, commeth to nought, and the rocke that is remooued from his place:

19 As the water breaketh the stones, when thou ouerflowest the things which growe in the dust of ye earth: so thou destroyest ye hope of man.

20 Thou preuailest alway against him, so that he passeth away: he changeth his face when thou castest him away.

21 And he knoweth not if his sonnes shall be honourable, neither shall he vnderstand concerning them, whether they shalbe of lowe degree,

22 But while his flesh is vpon him, he shall be sorowfull, and while his soule is in him, it shall mourne.