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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 9

1 ! Job declareth the mightie power of God, and that mans righteousnes is nothing.

2 a Job here answereth to the point of Eliphaz and Bildads ocacion, touching the justice of God & his innocencie, confessing God to be infinit in justice, and man to be nothing in respect.

3 b Of a thousand things, which God colde lay to his charge, man can not answer him one.

6 c He declareth what is the infirmite and incomprehensible power that is in God, shweing what he colde do, if he wolde set forthe his power.

9 d These are the names of certeine starres, whereby he meaneth that all starres bothe knowen & vnknowen are at his appointement.

11 e I am not able to comprehend his workes, which are commune and daily before mine eyes, muche lesse in those things, which are hid and secret.

12 f He sheweth that when God doeth execute his power, he doeth it justely, for asmuch as none can controle him.

13 g God wil not be appeased for oght that man can laie for him self for his justification.

13 h That is, all the reasons that men can laie to approue their cause.

14 i How shulde I be able to answer him by eloquence: whereby he noteth his friends, that albeit thei were eloquent in talke, yet thei felt not in heart, that which thei spake.

15 k Meaning, in his owne opinion, signifying that man wil sometime flatter him slef to be rightes, which before God is abominacion.

16 l Whiles I am in my pangs, I can not but brast forthe into many inconuensences, althogh I know stil that God is just.

17 m I am not able to fele my sinnes so great, as I fele the weight of his plagues: & this he speaketh to condemne his dulnes, and to justifie God.

19 n After he hathe accused his owne weakenes, he continueth to justifie God and his power.

20 o If I woulde stande in mine owne defence, yet God hathe juste cause to condemne me, if he examine mine heart, & conscience.

22 p If God punish according to his justice, he wil destroye aswel them that are counted perfite, as them that are wicked.

23 r This is spoken according to our apprehension, as thogh he wolde say, If God destroye but the wicked, as {chap 5,3}, why shulde he suffer the innocents to be so long tormented by them?

23 q To wit, the wicked.

24 t That can shewe the contrary?

27 u I thinke not to fall into these affections, but my sorowes bring men to these manifolde infirmities, & my conscience condemneth me.

29 x Why doeth not God destroye me at once? thus he speaketh according to the infirmitie of the flesh.

30 y Thogh I seme neuer so pure in mine owne eyes, yet all is but corruption before God.

31 z Whatsoeuer I wolde vse to couer my filthines with, shal disclose me so muche more.

33 a Which might make an accorde betwene God and me, speaking of impaciencie, & yet confessing God to be just in punishing him.

35 b Signifying that Gods judgements kepe him in awe.