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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 10

1 ! Job is weary of his life, and setteth out his fragilitie before God.

1 a I am more like to a dead man then to one that liueth.

1 b I wil make an ample declaration of my torments, accusing my self & not God.

2 c He wolde not that God shulde procede against him by his secret justice, but by the ordinarie meanes that he punisheth others.

3 f Wilt thou gratifie the wicked & condemne me?

3 d Is it agreable to thy justice to do men wrong?

5 h Art thou inconstant and change able, as the times, to daie a friend, to morowe an enemie?

7 i By affliction thou kepest me as in a prison, & restaynest me from doing euil, nether can any set me at libertie.

8 k In these eight verses following he describethe the mercie of God in the wonderful creation of man: & thereon groundeth that God shulde not shew him self rigorous against him.

12 m That is, reason and vnderstanding, and many other giftes whereby man excelleth all earthlie creatures.

12 n That is, thy fatherlie care & prouidence, whereby thou preseruest me, and without the which I shulde perish streight way.

13 o Thogh I be not fully able to comprehend these things, yet I must nedes cofesse that it is so.

15 p I wil alway walke in feare and humilitie, knowing that none is juste before thee.

16 q Job being sore assalted in this battel betwene the flesh and the Spirit, brasteth out into these affections, wishing rather short dayes then long peine.

17 r That is, diuersitie of diseases and in great abundance, shewing that God hathe infinitie meanes to punish man.

20 s He wisheth that God wolde leaue of his affliction, considering his great miserie & the breuitie of his life.

21 t He speaketh thus in the persone of a sinner, that is ouercome with passions & with the feling of Gods judgements, & therefore can not apprehend in the state the mercies of God & comfort of the resurrection.

22 u No distraction betwene light and darkenes, but where all is verie darkenes it selfe.

22 ! A description of death.