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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 8

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1 ! Bildad sheweth that Job is a sinner, because God punisheth the wicked, and preserueth the good.

2 a He declareth that their wordes which wolde diminesh any thing from the justice of God, is but as a puft of winde that vanisheth away.

4 b That is hathe rewardedthem according to their iniquitie: meaning, that Job oght to be warned by the example of his children, that he offend not God.

5 c That is, if you turne betime whiles God calleth thee to repentance.

7 d Thogh the beginnings be not so pleasant, as thou woldest desire, yet in the end thou shalt haue sufficient occasion to content thy self.

8 e He willeth Job to examine all antiquitie, and he shal finde it true which he here faith.

9 f Meaning, that it is not ynough to haue the experience of our selues, but to be ??? by the examples of them that went before vs.

11 g As a rush can not growe with out moistnes, so can not the hypocrite, because he hathe not faith, which is moistened with Gods Spirit.

16 i He compareth the juste to a tre, which althogh it be remoued out of one place vnto another, yet florisheth: so the affliction of the godlie turneth to their profite.

18 k That is, so that there remaine nothing there to proue whether they re had growen there, or no.

19 l To be planted in another place, where it may growe at pleasure.

21 m If thou be godlie, he wil giue thee accasion to rejoyce, & if not, thine affliction shal increase.