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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 7

1 ! Job sheweth the shortenes and miserie of mans life.

1 a Hathe not an hyred seruant some rest and ease? then in this my continual torment I am worse then an hyreling.

3 b My sorowe hathe continued from moneth to moneth, and I haue loked for hope in vaine.

5 c This signifieth that his disease was rare and moste horrible.

6 d Thus he speaketh in respect of the breuitie of mans life, which passeth without hope of returning: inconsideration whereof he desireth God to haue conpassion on him.

9 e If thou behode me in thine angre, I shal not be able to stand in thy presence.

9 f Shal no more enjoye this mortal life.

11 g Seing I can by no other meanes comfort my selfe, I wil declare my grief by wordes and thus he speaketh as one ouercome with grief of minde.

12 h Am not I poore wretch? what nedest thou then to lay so muche peine on me?

15 k He speaketh as one ouercome with sorowe, and not of judgement, or of the examination of his faith.

16 l Seing my terme of life is so shorte, let me haue some rest and ease.

17 m Seing that man of him selfe is so vile, why doest thou giue him that honour to contende against him? Job vseth all kindes of persuasion with God, that he might stay his hand.

20 n After all tentations faith brasteth forthe & leadeth Job to repentance: yet it was not in suche perfection, that he colde bridel him self from reasoning with God, because that he stil tryed his faith.