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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Esther 3

1 ! Haman, after he was exalted, obteined of the King, that all the Jewes shulde be put to death, because Mordecai, had not none him worship as other had.

2 a The Persians maner was to knele downe and reuerence their Kings, & suche as he appointed in chief autoritie, which Mordecai wolde not do to this ambitious & proude man.

4 b Thus we se that there is none so wicked, but thei haue their flatterers to accuse the godlie.

7 d To knowe what moneth and day shulde be good to enterprise this thing, that it might haue good successe: but God disapointed their lottes & expectacion.

7 e Conteining part of Februarie, & parte of Marche.

7 c Which answereth to parte of Marche and parte of April.

8 f These be the two arguments which commonly the worldelings & the wicked vse toward princes against the godly, that is, the contempt of their laws, & diminishing of their profit: without respect how God is ether pleased or displeased.