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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Esther 2

1 a That is, he called the mater againe into communication.

1 b By the seuen wise men of his counsel.

2 ! After the Quene is put away, certeine yong maides are broght to the King.

3 c The abuse of these countreis was so great, that they inuented manie meanes to serue the lustes of princes, and therefore, as they ordeined wicked lawes that the King might haue whose daughters he wolde, so they had diuers houses appointed, as one for them, whiles they were virgines, another when they were concubines, & for the Quenes another.

3 d Read what this purification was, {vers. 13}

11 e For thogh she was taken away by a cruel law, yet he ceased not to haue a fatherlie care ouer her, and therfore did resort oft times to heare of her.

13 f What apparel she asked of the eunuch, that was he bounde to giue her.

15 g Wherein her modestie appeared because she soght not apparel to commend her beautie, but sotde to the eunuches appointment.

16 h Which conteined part of December & part of Januarie.

18 i That is, made for her sake.

18 k He released their tribute.

19 m That is, at the mariage of Ester, which was the seconde marriage of the King.

22 o In the Chronicles of the Medes & Persians, as {chap 10,2}

22 ! Mordecai discloseth vnto the King those that wolde betray him.