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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Esther 4

2 a Because he wolde aduertise Ester of this cruel proclamacion.

5 ! Mordecai giueth the Quene knowledge of the cruel decree of the King against the Jewes.

5 / Ebr. had caused to stand before her.

14 c For to deliuer Gods Churche out of these present dangers.

14 / Ebr. breathing.

14 b Thus Mordecai spake in the confidence of that faith, which all Gods children oght to haue: which is that God wil deliuer them, thogh all worldely meanes faile.

16 d I wil put my life in danger & referre the successe to God, feing it is for his glorie & the deliuerance of his Church.

16 ! She willeth that they pray for her.