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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Nehemiah 9

1 ! The people repent & forsake their strange wiues.

3 b Thei made confession of their sinnes & vsed praiers.

26 e Taking heauen and earth to witnes that God wolde destroy them, except thei returned as {2 Chro. 24,19}

26 ! And their ingratitude.

28 f He declareth how Gods mercies euer contended with the wickednes of the people, who euer in their prosperitie forgate God.

29 g Which is a similitude taken of oxen, that shrinke at the yoke or burden, as {Zach. 7,11}

29 h When thou didest admonish them by thy Prophets.

30 / Ebr. thou didst prolong vpon them many yeres.

32 i By whome we were led away into captiuitie, & haue bene appointed to be slaine, as {Ester. 3,13}

33 k He confesseth that all these things came to them justely for their sinnes, but he appealeth from Gods justice to his mercies.

34 l That thou woldest destroy them, except thei wolde returne to thee.

38 n Thus by affliction they promes to kepe Gods commandements, whereunto they colde not be broght by Gods great benefites.