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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Nehemiah 8

1 a Read {Ezra 7,5}

2 ! Ezra gathereth together the people, and readeth to them the Law.

3 c This declareth the great zeale, that the people had to heare the worde of God.

5 d To the intent that his joyce might be the better heard.

9 e In considering their offenses against the Law. Therefore the Leuites do not reproue them for mourning but assure them of Gods mercies for asmuche as they are repentant.

10 g Rejoyce in the Lord, and he wil giue you strength.

12 ! They rejoyce in Israel for the knowledge of the worde of God.

15 ! They kepe the feast of Tabernacles or boothes.

16 h For their houses were made flat aboue, read {Deu. 22,8}