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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Nehemiah 10

1 ! The names of them that sealed the couenant betwene God and the people.

28 c Which being idolaters forsoke their wickednes & gaue them selues to serue God.

29 d They made the othe in the name of the whole multitude.

29 e Whereunto they gaue themselues, if thei brake the Law, as {Deut. 28,19}

31 f Which notwithstanding thei brake sone after, as {Nehem. 13,23}

33 g This declareth wherefore thei gaue this third part of the shekel, which was besides the halfe shekel, that thei were bounde to pay, {Exod. 30,13}

36 h By this rehearsal is ment that there was not parte nor ceremonie in the Law, whereunto thei did not binde them selues by couenant.

37 i Wheresoeuer we laboured, or traueled, there the tithes where due vnto the Lord bothe by the Law and according to the othe & couenant that we made.

39 k We wil not leaue it destitute of that, that shalbe necessarie for it.