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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Nehemiah 5

1 ! The people are oppressed and in necessitie.

2 b This is the complaint of the people, shewing to what extremitie thei were broght vnto.

4 c To pay our tribute to the King of the Persians, which was exacted yerely of vs.

5 d By nature the riche is no better then the poore.

5 e We are not able to redeme them, but for pouertie are constrayned to hier them to others.

7 f You presse them with furie and seke how to bring all things into your hands.

7 g Bothe because they shulde be moued with pitie, seing how manie were by them opprest, and also heare the judgement of others, which shulde be as it were witnesses of their dealing toward their brethren.

8 h Seing God hathe once deliuered them from the bondage of the heathen, shal we make them our slaues?

9 k Who by this occasion wil blaspheme the Name of God seing that our actes are no better then theirs.

14 ! He toke not the portion of others that had ruled before, lest he shulde grieue the people.

14 m I receiued not that porcion, and diet, which the gouernours, that were before me, exacted: wherein he declareth that he rather soght the wealth of the people, then his owne commoditie.

18 n Where as at other times they had by measure, at this time they had most liberally.