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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Nehemiah 6

1 a That is, that they were joined together, as {Chap. 4,6}

3 b Meaning, that if he shulde obei, their request, the worke, which God had appointed, shulde cease: shewing thereby that we shulde not commit our selues to thie hands of the wicked.

6 c As the fame goeth.

7 d Thou hast bribed, and set vp false Prophetes, to make they selfe King and so to defraude the King of Persian of the subjection, which you ogh vnto him.

8 ! Nehemiah answereth with great wisdome, and zeale to his aduersarie.

10 e As thogh he wolde be secret to the intent that he might pray vnto God with greater libertie, and receiue some seuelation, which in him was but hypocrisie.

11 f He douted not but God was able to preserue him, & knewe that, if he had obeyed this counsel, he shuld haue discouraged all the people: thus God giueth power to his to resist false prophecies thogh they seme to haue neuer so great probabilitie.

11 ! He is not discouraged by the false Prophetes.

14 g Very grief caused him to pray against suche, which vnder the pretence of being the ministers of God, were aduersaries to his glorie, and went about to ouerthrow his Church, declaring also hereby that where there is one true minister of God, the deuil hathe a great sorte of hierlings.

15 h Which was the sixt moneth and conteined parte of August, and parte of Sept.

15 i After that I had sent Sanballat his answere.

17 k Thus the Church of God hathe euermore enemies within it selfe, which are more dangerous than the outwarde and professed enemie.