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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Nehemiah 4

2 b Thus the wicked, that consider not that Gods power is euer in a readines for the defence of his, mocke them as thogh thei were weake and feble.

2 a Of his companions that dwelt in Samaria.

4 c This is the remedie that the children of God naue against the derision & threatnings of their enemies, to flee to God by prayers.

4 d Le them be spoiled & led away captiue.

5 e Let thy plagues declare to the worlde that thei set them selues against thee, & against thy Church: thus the prayeth, onely hauing respect to Gods glorie, & not for any priuate affection, or grudge.

12 g Thei, which broght the tidings, said thus, When you leaue your worke, & go ether to eat, or to rest, your enemies will assaile you.

12 f That is, often times.

14 h Who is euer at hand to deliuer his out of danger, and therefore seing thie shulde fight for the maintenance of Gods glorie, & for the preseruation of their owne liues & of theirs, he incourageth them to play the valiant men.

16 i To ouersee them & to incourage them to their worke.

17 ! The Jewes buylde with one hand, and holde their weapons in the other.

20 k Meaning, to resist their enemies, if nede required.

23 l That is, when they purified them selues, or els when they washed their clothes.