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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezra 7

1 ! By the commandement of the King Ezra and his companions come to Jerusalem

1 a The Ebrewes write, that diuers of the Kings of Persia were called by this name, as Pharaoh was a commune name to the Kings of Egypt, and Cesar to the Emperours Romain.

5 b Ezra deduceth his kinred, til he commeth to Aaron, to proue that he came of him.

6 c He sheweth here what a scribe is, who had charge to write the Law & to expunde it, whome Marke calleth a scribe, {Mar. 12,28} Mat. and Luke calle him a lawier, or doctor of the Law, {Mat. 22:35], {Luk. 10,25}

8 d That conteined parte of Julie and parte of August.

8 e Of King Darius.

12 f Some take this for the name of a people, some for time or continuance meaning that the King wished him long life.

13 g Which remained as yet in Babylon, & had not returned with Zerubbabel.

14 i Whereof thou art expert.

21 l Which was the Riue Euphrates, and they were beyonde it in respect of Babylon.

22 m Read {1 King 7,26}, and {2 Chro. 2,10}

23 n This declareth that the feare of Gods judgements caused him to vse this liberalirie, and not the loue that he bare to Gods glorie or affection to his people.

25 o He gaue Ezra ful autoritie to restore all things according to the worde of God and to punish them that resisted and wolde not obeie.

27 p Thus Ezra gaue God thankes for that he gaue him so good successe in his affaires by reason of the King.