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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezra 8

1 ! The nomber of them that returned to Jerusalem with Ezra.

1 a Read {Chap 7,1}

15 c To that place of Euphrates, where Ahaua the riuer entreth into it.

17 d He was the chiefest that taght there the Law of God vnto the Leuites.

17 / Ebr. put words in their mouth.

21 f He sheweth that the end of fasting is to humble the body to the spirit, which muste procede of the heart lyuely touched, or els, it is but hypocrisie.

22 g He thoght it better to commit him slefe to the protection of God, then by seking these ordinarie meanes, to giue an occasion to others to thinke that he did doute of Gods power.

31 k This declared that their journey was ful of danger, and yet God deliuered them according to their prayers.

31 ! What they did when they came to Jerusalem.

33 l This was a token of a good conscience & of his integritie, that he wolde haue witnesses of his fidelitie.