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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezra 6

1 ! At the commandement of Darius King of Persian after the Temple was buylded and dedicate, the children of Israel kepe the feast of unleauened bread.

1 / Ebr. house of bokes.

2 a Wherein were the actes of the Kings of Medes and Persians.

4 / Or, marble.

5 b Meaning, Zerubbabel, to whome he giueth charge.

12 e Who hathe appointed that place to haue his name called vpon there.

14 f Whome God stired vp to assure them that he wolde giue their worke good successe.

15 g This the twelte moneth, and conteineth parte of Februarie and parte of Marche.

15 h And the two and fortieth after their first returne.

21 i Which were of the heathen and forsaked their idolatrie to worship the true God.

22 k Meaning, Darius who was King of the Medes, Persians and Assyrians.

22 / Ebr. to strengthen their hands.