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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 34

2 a He followed Dauid in all pointes that he followed the Lord.

3 b When he was but sixtene yere olde, he shewed him selfe zealous of Gods glorie, & at twentie yere olde he abolished idolatrie and restored the true religion.

4 c Which sheweth that he wolde se the reformacion with his owne eies.

7 e This great zeale of this godlie King the holie Gost setteth forthe as an example & paterne to other Kings & rulers, to teache them what God requireth of them.

9 / Or, thei returned to Jerusalem, meaning, Shephan, &c.

11 f For there were many porcions and pieces annexed to the Temple.

12 g Meaning, that they were in suche credite for their fidelitie, that they made none accomptes of that which thei receiued, {2 King 22,9}

14 h Read {2 King 22,8}

16 i For the King was commanded to haue continually a copie of this boke, & to read therein day & night, {Deut. 17,18}

19 k For sorow that the worde of God had bene so long suppressed, and the people kept in ignorance, considering also the curses conteined therein against the transgressours.

21 ! He sendeth to Huldah the prophetesse for counsel.

21 l Thus the godlie do not only lament their owne sinnes, but also that their fathers and predecessours haue offended God.

22 / Or, Harbu.

22 m Meaning, ether of the Priests apparel, or of the Kings.

22 n Read, hereof, {2 King. 22,15}

25 p This she speaketh in contempt of the idolaters, who contrarie to reason and nature make that a god, which they haue made, and framed with their wone hands.

27 q This declareth what is the end of Gods threatnings, to call his to repentance, & to assure the vnrepentant of their destruction.

27 ! God heareth his prayer.

28 r It may appeare that very fewe were touched with true repentance, seing that God spared them for a time onely for the Kings sake.

30 s Forasmuch as nether yong nor olde colde be exempted from the curses conteined therein, if they did transgresse, he knewe it apperteined to all & was his duetie to se it red to all sortes, that euerie one might learne to auoyde those punishements by seruing God aright.

33 t Because he had charge ouer all & must answer for euerie one that perished, he thoght it his duetie to se that all shulde make profession to receiue the worde of God.