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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 33

10 c Meaning, by his Prophetes, but their hearts were not touched to beleue & repent without the which the preaching of the worde taketh no place.

13 d Thus affliction giueth vnderstanding: for he that hated God in his prosperitie, now in his miserie he seketh vnto him.

14 ! He abolisheth idolatrie.

14 f Read {Chap. 27,3}

16 g Which Salomon had caused to be made.

17 h Thus by ignorance they were deceiued thinking it nothing to kepe the altars, so that thei worshiped God: but it is idolatrie to worship God anie otherwise then he hathe appointed.

18 i Which albeit that it is not conteined in the Ebrew, yet because it is here mencioned & is writen in the Greke, we haue placed it in the end of this boke.

20 k Because he had so horribly offended against the Lord, they did not burye him in the sepulchres of the Kings, but in the garden of the Kings house.