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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 32

1 ! Sanneherib inuadeth Judah.

5 c Some read swordes or daggers.

5 a Eh made a double wall.

5 / Ebr. he was strengthened.

7 ! He exhorteth the people to put their trust in the Lord.

8 e This declareth that Ezekiah did euer put his trust in God, and yet made him selfe strong and vsed lawful meanes, lest he shulde seme to tempt God.

9 f While he besieged Lachish.

14 h This is his blasphemie, that he wil compare the liuing God to vile idoles.

15 i When man hathe prosperitie, he swelleth in pride and thinketh him selfe able to resist and ouercome euen God him self.

16 k Herein we se that when the wicked speake euil of the seruants of God, they care not to blaspheme God him self: for if they feared God, they wolde loue his seruants.

19 m Which were inuented, made and autorized by man.

20 n This sheweth what is the best refuge in all troubles & dangers.

21 o To the nomber of an hundreth fourescore and fiue thousand, as {2 King. 19,35}.

21 / Ebr. with shame of face.

21 p Meaning, Adramelech, and Sharezer his sonnes.

21 ! The Angel destroieth the Assyrians, and the King is slaine.

23 q Thus after trouble, God sendeth comfort to all them that patiently waite on him, and constantly put their trust in his mercies.

24 r To confirme his faith in Gods promes, who declared to him by his Prophet that his life shulde be prolonged fiftene yere.

25 s He was lifted vp with the pride of his victorie & treasures, & shewed them for an ostentation to the ambassadours of Babylon.

28 / Or, ranges, and ???

30 t Which also was called Siloe, whereof mencion is made {Isa 8,6},{Joh. 9,7}

31 u Here we se the cause, why the faithful are tempted, which is ty trye whether they haue faith or no, and that they may fele the presence of God, who suffreth them not to be ouer come by tentacions, but in their weakenes ministreth strength.

32 g Thus the wicked put no difference betwene true religion & false, God & idoles: for Hezekiah onely destroied idolatrie & placed true religion thus Papists slander the seruants of God: for when they destroie idolatrie, the say that they abolish religion.