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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 31

1 a According to the commandement of the Lord, {Deut. 7,25},{josh. 7,1}, {2 Mac. 12:40}

1 b That is, all they which came to the Passeouer.

2 c That is, in the Temple where thei assembled as in a tent.

4 d The tithes & first frutes for the maintenance of the Priests and Leuites.

4 e That their mindes might not be intangled with prouision of wordely things, but that they might wholy & cherefully serue the Lord.

6 g For the relief of the Priests, Leuites, widowes, pupilles, fatherlesse, strangers & suche as were in necessitie.

6 f Which they had dedicate to the Lord by a vowe.

8 h Thei praised the Lord, and praied for all prosperitie to his people.

10 i He sheweth that this plenteous liberalitie is expedient for the maintenance of the ministers and that God therefore prospereth his people, & increaseth, by his blessing that which is giuen.

13 ! He ordeineth ouerseers to distribute in euerie one his portion.

16 k Who had also aportion & alowance in this distribution.

18 l Meaning, that ether by the faithful distributions of the officers, euerie one had their parte in the things that were offred, or els that their wiues & children were relieued, because the Leuites were faithful in their office, and so depended on them.