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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 30

1 ! The keping of the Passeouer by the Kings commandement

1 a Meaning all Israel whome Tilgath Pilneesar had not taken away into the captiuitie, {2King. 15,29}

2 b Thogh thei oght to haue done it in the first moneth, as {Exod. 12,18}, {nom. 9,3}, yet if any were not cleane, or els had along iornei, thei might differ it vnto the seconde moneth, as {Nom. 9,10}

5 d In suche sort and perfection, as God had appointed.

5 c From one end of the land to the other, North and South.

6 e He wil haue compassion on them, and preserue them.

6 ! He exhorteth Israel to turne to the Lord.

8 f Submit your selues to the Lord, and rebelle no more.

9 g God wil not onely preserue you, but through your repentance restore your brethren, which for their sinnes he gaue into the handes of the enemies.

10 h Thogh the wicked mocke at the seruantes of God, by whome he calleth them to repentance, as {Gen. 19,14}, yet the worde ceaseth not to fructifie in the hearts of Gods elect.

12 i He sheweth the cause why some obey & some mocke at Gods calling, to wit, because his Spirit is with the one sort & moueth their heart, & the other are left to them sleues.

14 k Which declareth that we must put away those things wherewith God is offended, before we can serue him aright.

15 l Seing their owne negligence (who shulde haue bene moste prompt) & of the people, {Chap. 29:36}

18 n He knewe, that faith and sinceritie of heart was more agreable to God, the the obseruation of these ceremonies, & therefore he praied vnto God to pardon this faute vnto the people, which did not offend of malice but of ignorance.

18 ! He praieth for the people.

24 p This great liberalitie declareth how Kings, princes & all they to whome God hathe giuen wherewith, oght to be moste ready to bestowe it in setting forthe of Gods glorie.

27 q According to the which is writen {Nom 6,23}, when thei shulde dimisse the people.

27 ! The Leuites blesse the people.