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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 35

1 a The Scripture vseth in sondrie places to call the lambe the Passeouer, which was but the signe of the Passeouer, because in all sacraments the signes haue the names of the thing which are signified.

1 ! Josiah kepeth the Passouer.

3 b So that the Leuites charge was not onely to minister in the Temple, but also to instruct the people in the worde of God.

3 c As it was before the Temple was buylt: therefore your office onely is now to teache the people, & to praise God.

6 d Exhorte euerie one to exacmine them selues, that they be not vnmete to eat of the Passeouer.

9 e So that euerie one, and of all sortes gaue of that they had a liberal porcion to the seruice of God.

11 f Meaning of the lambe which was called the Passouer: for onely the Priests might sprinkle, and in necessitie the Leuites might kil the sacrifice.

12 g They referued for the people that which was not expedient to be offred, that euerie man might offer peace offrings, and so haue his portion.

15 h Meaning herby his Prophet, because he appointed the Psalmes & prophecies which were to be sung.

19 i Which was in the six and twentieth yere of his age.

20 ! He fighteth against the King of Egypt, & dyeth.

20 k Which was a citie of the Assyrians, and Josiah fearing left he passing through Judah, wolde haue taken his kingdome, made warre against him and consulted not the Lord.

20 / Or, Euphrates.

22 l That is, armed him selfe, or disguised him selfe because he might not be knowen.

24 m The people so muche lamented the losse of this good King, that after when there was anie great lamentation this was spoken of as a prouerbe, read {Zach. 12,11}

24 ! The people bewayle.

25 n Which some thinke Jeremie made, wherein he lamenteth the state of the Church after this Kings death.