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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 29

3 ! Hezekiah repareth the Temple and aduertiseth the Leuites of the corruption of religion.

3 b This is a notable example for all princes, first to establish the pure religin of God, and to procure that they Lord may be honored and serued aright.

3 l This thing was not appointed of man, but it was the commandement of God.

5 c Meaning all the idoles, altars, groues & whatsouer was occupied in their seruice, and wherewith the Temple was poluted.

8 d He sheweth that the contempt of religion is the cause of all Gods plagues.

8 / Or, a nodding of the head and mockerie.

10 e He proueth by the judgement of God vpon those that haue contemned his worde, that there is no way to auoyde his plagues, but by conforming themselues to his wil.

16 f From the poliucions and filth that Ahaz had broght in.

17 g Which conteined parte of Marche and parte of April.

18 / Or, table where the bread was set in ordre.

20 ! The King and his princes sacrifice in the Temple.

20 h By this maner of speache the Ebrewes meane a certeine diligence & spede to do a thing, & when there is no delay.

22 i For without sprinkling of blood, nothing colde be sanctified, {ebr. 9,21}, {exod. 24,8}.

23 k That is, the King and the Elders, as {Leu. 4,15}, for they that offred a sinne offring, must lay their hands vpon it, to signifie that they had deserued that death, and also that they did consecrat it to God to be thereby sanctified, {Exod. 29,10}

27 m The Psalme which Dauide had appointed to be sung for thankes giuing.

27 n Which Dauid had appointed to praise the Lord with.

30 o With that psalme whereof mencion is made {1 Chro. 16,8}

31 ! The oblacion of the people.

34 q Meaning, were more zealous to set forward the religion.

36 r He sheweth that religion can not procede, except God touche the heart of the people.