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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 28

1 ! Ahaz an idolater is giuen into the hands of the Syrains, and the King of Israel.

2 b As the idolaters haue certeine chief idoles, who are as patrons: (as were these Baalim) so haue they others which are inferior & do represent the great idoles.

3 / Or, made them passe through the fyre as {Cha. 33,6. leu 18,21}

6 / Ebr. sonnes of strength.

8 d Thus by the juste judgement of God Israel destroyed Judah.

9 e For they thoght they had ouercome them by their owne valiantnes, & did not consider that God had deliuered them into their hands, because Judah had offended him.

9 ! The Prophet reproueth the Israelites crueltie.

10 f May not God aswel punish you for your sinnes, as he hathe done these men for theirs, seing your are greater?

12 g Which tribe was now greatest, and had moste autoritie.

13 h God wil not suffre this sinne, which we sommit against him, to be vnpunished.

15 i Whose names were rehearsed before, {vers. 12}.

15 k Ether for their woundes or wearines.

15 l Tothem of the tribe of Judah.

16 m To Tilgath Pilneeser, and those Kings that were vnder his dominion, {2King. 16,7}

19 n He meaneth Judah, because Ahaz forsoke the Lord and soght helpe of the infideles. read of Israel taken for Judah, {chap. 15,17}

23 o As he falsely supposed.

23 p Thus the wicked measure Gods fauour by prosperitie & aduersitie: for if idolaters prosper, they make their idoles gods, not considering that God punisheth them oft times whome he loueth, & giueth his enemies good successe for a time, whome afterwarde he will destroye.

27 q They buryed him not in the citie of Dauid where were the sepulchres of the Kings.