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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 25

2 a Meaning, in respect of his predecessers, albeit he had his imperfections.

3 ! Amaziah putteth them to death which slew his father.

4 b That is, for the faute wherefore the childe is punished, except he be culpable of the same.

5 c So many was were able men to beare weapons & go to the warre.

6 d That is, out of the ten tribes, which had separated them selues before, bothe from God and their true King.

7 e And therefore to thinke to haue helpe of them, whome the Lord fauoreth not, is to cast of the helpe of the Lord.

9 g He sheweth that if we depend onely vpon God, we shal not nede to be troubled with these worldlie repects: for he wil giue at all times that which shalbe necessarie, if we obey his worde.

11 h For the Idumeans whome Dauid had broght to subjection, rebelled vnder Jehoram Jehoshphats sonne.

11 ! He ouercometh the Edomites.

12 i In the {2 King. 14,7}, this rocke is called the citie Sela.

14 l Thus where he shulde haue giuen the praise to God for his benefites and great victorie, he fel from God, and did most vilely dishonour him.

14 ! He falleth to idolatrie.

15 m He proueth that whatsoeuer can not saue him selfe, nor his worshipers, is no God but an idole.

16 o So hard it is for the carnal man to be admonished for his faute, that he contemneth, mocketh & threateneth him that warneth him: yea, imprisoneth him & puteth him to death, {2 Chro 16,18} & {18,26} & {24,21}

17 p That is, let vs trye the matter hand to hand: for he was offended, that the armie of the Israelites, whome he had in wages, & dimissed by the counsel of the Prophet, had destroyed certeine of the cities of Judah.

17 ! And Joash King of Israel ouercommeth Amaziah.

20 q Thus God oftimes plagueth by those meanes, wherein men moste trust, to teache them to haue their recourse onely to him: and to him: and to shewe his judgements moueth their hearts to followe that which shalbe their destruction.

24 r Meaning, the sucessers of Obed Edom: for the mouse bare the name of the chief father.