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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 26

2 b He fortified it and made it strong: this citie was also called Elath & Elanan, nere to the red Sea.

2 ! Uzziah obeying the Lord, prspereth in his enterprises.

5 d For God neuer forsaketh any that seketh vnto him, and therefore man is the cause of his owne destruction.

5 c This was not that Zechariah that was the sonne of Jehoiada, but some other Prophet of the name.

8 e That is, thei payed tribute in signe of subjection.

10 g That is, in mount Carmel, or, as the worde signifieth, in the fruteful field. It is also taken for a grene eare of corne, when it is ful, as {Leui. 2,14}.

10 / Or, pittes.

12 h Of the chief officers of the Kings house, or of the captaines and sergeants for warre.

15 / Ebr. engins by the inuention of an inuentive man.

16 ! He waxeth proude & usurpeth the Priests office.

16 i Thus prospertie causeth men to trust in them selues, & by forgeting him, which is the autor thereof, procure their owne perdicion.

18 k Thogh his zeale semed to be good & also his intencion, yet because they were not gouerned by the worde of God, he did wickedly, and was therefore bothe justely resisted & also punished.

20 ! The Priests driue him out of the Temple, & exclude him out of the Lords house.

21 l According to the commandement of the Lord, {Leui. 13,46}

23 m And therefore was buryed aparte in the same field, but not in the same sepulchres with his predeceisers.