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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 24

2 a Who was a faithful counseler, and gouerned him by the worde of God.

5 b He meaneth not the ten tribes, but onely the two tribes of Judah and Beniamin.

7 d The Scripture doeth terme her thus, because she was a cruel murtherer, and a blasphemous idolatresse.

11 e Such as were faithful men, whome the King had appointed for that master.

12 f Signifying, that this thing was done by aduise and counsel, and not by any one mans affection.

13 / Ebr, a medicine was vpon the worke, meaning, it was repaired.

14 g For the wicked Kings his predecessours and Athaliah had destroied the vessels, of the Temple, or turned them to the vse of their idoles.

16 h Signifying, that thei colde not honour him to muche, who had so excellently serued in the worke of the Lord, and in the affaires of the commune wealth.

17 ! After the death of Jehoiada he falleth to idolatrie.

17 i Which were flatterers, and knewe now that the King was destitute of him who did watche ouer him as a father, & therefore broght him to moste vile idolatrie.

19 k They toke heauen & earth and all creatures to witness, that except they returned to the Lord, he wolde moste grieuously punish their infidelitie & rebellion.

20 l In a place aboue the people to the intent that he might be heard.

21 ! He stoneth to death Zechariah the Prophet.

21 m There is not rage so cruel & beastely as of them whose heartes God hathe hardened, and which delite more in superstition & idolatrie, then in the true seruice of God & pure simplicitie of his worde.

22 n Reuenge my death & require my blood at your hands: or he speaketh this by prophecie, because he knewe that God wolde do it. This Zacharie is also called the sonne of Barachie {Mat. 23:35}, because his progenitours were Iddo, Barachiah, Jehoiada, &c.

24 o That is, reproued & checked him, and handeled him rigorously.

25 p Meaning Zacharie, which was one of Jehoiadas sonnes & a Prophet of the Lord.

27 r That is, the reparacion.

27 ! After him reigneth Amaziah.