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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 20

1 a That is, which conterfaited the Ammonites in langage & apparel. The Hebrews think that they were the Amalekites, but as my appeare by the {20 verse}, they were the Idumeans of mount Seir.

2 b Called the dead sea where God destroyed the fiue cities for ???

3 ! Jehoshaphat and the people pray vnto the Lord.

3 c This declareth what the feare of the godlie is which is as a pricke to stirre them to prayer, and to depend on the Lord, where as it moueth the wicked ether to seke after worldly meanes & policies or els to fall into despaire.

7 d He groundeth his prayer vpon Gods power, whereby he is able to helpe, and also on his mercie, which he wil contineu toward his, for as muche as he hathe once chosen them and begonne to shewe his graces towarde them.

9 e Meaning, warre which commeth by Gods juste judgements for our sinnes.

9 f That is, it is here called vpon, and thou declarest thy presence and sauour.

12 g We onely put our trust in thee and waite for our deliuerance from heauen.

14 i Which was moued by the Spirit of God to prophecie.

15 k They fight against God & not against you: therefore he wil fight for you.

18 l Declaring his faith and obedience to the worde of the Lord, and giuing thankes for the deliuerance promised.

21 n This was psalme of thankes giuing, which they vsed communely to sing when they praised the Lord for his benefites, and was made by Dauid, {Psal. 136}

22 o Meaning, the Idumeans, which dwelt in mount Seir.

22 ! The maruelous victorie that the Lord gaue him against his enemies.

23 p Thus the Lord according to Jehoshaphats praier declared his power, when he deliuered his by causing their enemies to kil one another.

26 q To guive thankes to the Lord for the victorie: and therefore the valley was called Berachah, that is, blessing or thankes giuing, which was also called the valley of Jehoshaphat, {Joel 3,2} & {12}, because the Lord judged the enemies according to Jehoshaphats praier.

29 r He declareth hereby, that the workes of God bring euer comforte or deliuerance to his, & feare or destruction to his enemies.

32 s Meaning, in his vertues & those waies, wherein he followed God.

33 t If the great care and diligence of this good King was not able vtterly to abolish all superstition & idolatrie out of this people. but that they wolde stil reteine their filth and idolatrie, how muche lesse are they able to reforme euil, which haue litle zeal, or not suche as he had thogh herein he was not to be excused?

37 u Thus God wolde not haue his to joyne in societie with idolaters & wicked men.