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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 21

20 l That is, as some write he was not regarded, but deposed for his wickednes & idolatrie: so that his sonne reigned 22 yeres, (his father yet lyuing) without honour & after his fathers death he was confirmed to reigne stil, as {Chap. 23,2}

2 a Read {chap. 15,17} how by Israel is ment Judah.

4 c Meaning, of Judah & Benjamin.

4 b Because the wicked liue euer in feare & also are ambitious, they become cruel, & also are ambitious, they become cruel, & spare not to murther them, whome by nature they oght moste to cherish & defend.

6 d So that we se how it can not be that we shulde joyne with the wicked & serue God.

6 ! He was broght to idolatrie.

11 f Meaning, idolatrie, because that the idolater breaketh promes with God, as doeth the adulteresse to her housband.

11 ! And seduceth the people.

12 g Some thinke that this was Elisha, so called, because he had the Spirit in abundane, as had Eliah.

15 h We se this example daily, practised vpon them that falin away from God, and become idolaters and murtherers, of their brethren.

16 i There were other Arabians in Africa Southward toward Egypt.

17 k Called also Ahaziah, as {Chap 22,1}, or Azariah, {ver. 6}