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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 19

2 a He declareth that the wrath and judgement of God isouer all suche, that supporte the wicked, and rather shewe not in dede that they are enemies to all suche as hate the Lord.

2 / Ebr. wrath from the Lord.

4 ! After Jehoshaphat was rebuked by the Prophet, he called againe the people to the honoring of the Lord.

4 b He visited all his countrei and broght his people from idolatrie to the knowledge of the true God.

6 c Bothe to preserue you, if you do justely, or to punish you, if you do the contrarie.

7 d He wil declare by the sharpenes of the punishement, that he hateth all iniquitie.

8 e The Priests and Leuites which shulde judge matters according to the worde of the Lord.

10 f That is, to trye whither the murther was done at vnwares or els on set purpose, {Nomb 35,11}, {deut. 4, 41}

10 g Meaning, that God wolde punish them moste sharpely, if thei wold not execute justice aright.

11 h Shalbe chief ouerseer of the publike affaires of the realme.

11 i Thei shal haue the handeling of inferiour causes.

11 k God wil assist them that do justice.