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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 18

1 a For Joram Jehoshaphats sonne matied Ahabs daughter.

1 ! Jehoshaphat maketh affinitie with Ahab.

2 c To recouer it out of the hands of the Syrians.

2 b That is, the third yere, {1 King. 22,2}

4 d Heare the aduise of some Prophet to knowe whether it be Gods wil.

5 e Which were the Prophetes of Baal, signifying that the wicked esteme not but flatterers and suche as wil beare with their inordinate affections.

7 f Yet the true ministers of God, obht not to cease to do their duetie, thogh the wicked magistrates can not abide them to speake the trueth.

7 g Meaning, that he oght not to refse to heare anie that was of God.

9 h That is, in their majestie and royal apparel.

10 ! Foure Hundreth Prophetes counsel Ahab to go to warre.

12 k Thinking, that where as foure hundreth Prophetes had agreed in onething, that he being but one man, and in least estimation durst not gaine say it.

14 l He spake this by derision of the false Prophetes, as the King wel perceiued.

16 m He prophecieth how the people shulde be dispersed & Ahab sleane.

16 ! Michaiah is against them.

22 p So they that wil not beleue the trueth, God sendeth strong delusion, that they shulde beleue lyes, {2 Thess. 2, 10}

23 q By this crueltie his ambicion and hypocrisie was discouered: ??? thehypocrites boast of the Spirit which they haue not, and declare their malice against them, in whome the true Spirit is.

26 r Kepe him streictly in prison and let him fele hungre and thrist.

29 s Thus the wicked thinke by their owne subtiltie to escape Gods judgements, which he threateneth by his worde.

29 ! The effect of his prophecie.

31 t He cryed to the Lord by acknowledging his faut in going with this wicked King to warre against the worde of the Lord by his Prophet, and also by desiring mercie for the same.

33 / Ebr. in his simplicitie, or ignorantly.

34 u He dissembled his hurt, that his souldiers might fight more corragiously.