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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 17

3 a That is, his ???: meaning, before he had committed with Bath-sheba and against Vriah.

5 ! Jehoshaphat trusting in the Lord, prespereth in riches and honour.

6 c He gaue himself wholy to serue the Lord.

7 d He knewe it was in vaine to profess religion, except suche were appointed which colde instruct the people in the same, and had autoritie to put away all idolatrie.

7 ! And causeth the people to be taught.

10 e Thus God prospereth all suche that with a pure heart seke his glorie, and kepeth their enemies in feare that thei can not be able to execute their rage against them.

19 g That is, thie were as his ordinarie garde.