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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 16

1 a Who reigned after Nadab the sonne of Jeroboam.

1 b He fortified it with walles and ditches: it was a citie in Benjamin nere to Gibeon.

2 ! Asa for feare of Baasha King of Israel, maketh a couenant with Benhadad King of Aram.

2 / Or, Darmesek.

3 c He thoght to repulse his aduersarie by an vnlawful meanes, that is, by seking help of infideles, as they that seke the Turkes amitie, thinking thereby to make them selues more strong.

7 / Or, Prophet.

10 d Thus in stead of turning to God by repentance, he disdained the admonicion of the Prophet, and punished him as the wicked do when they be tolde of their fautes.

10 / Ebr. prison house.

10 ! Whome he putteth in prison.

12 f He sheweth that it is in vaine to seke to the Phistians, except first we seke to God to purge our sinnes, which are the chief cause of all our diseases, & after vse the helpe of the phistian, as a meane by whome God worketh.

12 e God plagued his rebellion, & hereby declareth that it is nothing to begine wel, except we so continue to the end, that is, zealous of Gods glorie, and put our whole trust in him.

12 / Or, goutie, or swollen

12 ! He putteth his trust in the Phistians.

12 / Or, to the top of his head.