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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 15

1 a Who was called Obed, as his father was, {vers. 8}

3 b For the space of twelue yeres vnder Rohoboam, and thr yeres vnder Abiiah, religion was neglected and idolatrie planted.

4 c He sheweth, that notwithstanding the wickednes of tyrants & their rage, yet God hath his, whome he heareth in their tribulacion, as he deliuered his from Zerah King of the Ethiopians, & out of all other dangers, when thei called vpon the Lord.

10 e Called Shiuan conteining parte of May and parte of June.

11 f Which they had taken of the Ethiopians.

13 g These were the wordes of their couenant, which commanded all idolaters to be put to death according to the Lawe of God, {Deut 13}.

15 h So long as thei serued him aright so long did he preserue & prosper them.

16 i Or grandmother: & herein he shewed that he lacked zeal: for she oght to haue dyed bothe by the couenant, and by the Lawe of God: but he gaue place to foolish piti, & wolde also seme after a sorte to satisfie the Lawe.

16 ! He deposeth his ther for her idolatrie.

17 k Which partely came through lacke of zeale in him, partely through the negligence of his officers, & partely by the superstition of the people, that all were not taken away.

17 l Because that God was called the God of Israel by reason of his promes to Jaakob: therefore Israel is sometime taken for Judah, because Judah, was his chief people.

17 m In respect of his predecessors.