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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 14

1 ! Asa destorieth idolatrie & commandeth his people to serue the true God.

3 a Which were planted contrary to the Lawe, {Deut, 16,20}

5 b He sheweth that the rest & quietnes of kingdomes standeth in abolishing idolatrie, and aduancing true religion.

7 c Whiles we haue the ful gouernement thereof.

8 f Thus the children of God nether trust in their owne power or policie, nether feare the strength & subtiltie, of their enemies but consider the cause and se whether their enterprisestend to Gods glorie, & thereupon assure themselues of the victorie by him, which is onely almightie, & can turne all flesh into dust with the breath of his mouthe.

9 e Which was a citie in Judah, {Josh. 15,44}: where Michaiah the Prophet was borne.

11 ! He praieth vnto God when he shulde go to fight.