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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 10

4 b That is, handeled vs rudely. It semeth that God hardened their heartes, so that they thus murmured without cause: which declareth also the inconstancie of the people.

4 ! The rigour of Rehoboam.

8 c Or, that stode by him, that is, which were of his counsel and secretes.

10 d Or, litle finger: meaning that he was of farre greater power then was his father.

15 e Gods wil imposeth suche a necessitie to the second causes, that nothing can be done but according to the same, and yet mans wil worketh as of it selfe, so that it can not be excused in doing euil, but alledging that it is Gods ordinance.

15 / Ebr. by the hand.

18 / Ebr. strengthened him selfe.