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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 11

1 a That is, the halfe tribe of Beniamin: for the other halfe was gone after Jeroboam.

1 b Meaning the ten tribes which rebelled.

4 ! Rehoboam is forbidden to fight against Jeroboam.

5 c Or, repaired them & made them strong to be more able to resist Jeroboam.

16 e Which were zealous of true religion & feared God.

17 f So long as they feared God, and set forth his worde, they prospered.

21 ! He hath eightene wiues, & threscore concubines, and by them eight and twentie sonnes, and threscore daughters.

22 g Called also Abiiam, who reigned, thre yere, {1 Kin 15,2}