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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 9

1 ! The Quene of Sheba cometh to se Salomon & bringeth giftes.

1 a To knowe whether his wisdome were so great as the reporte was.

2 b There was no question so hard that he did not solue.

4 / Or, galleries whereby he went vp.

8 c Meaning, that the Israelites were Gods peculiar people, & that Kings are the lietenants of God, which oght to grante vnto him the superioritie, and minister justice to all.

11 e Or, pillers: meaning, the garnishing & trimming of which stayres or pillers.

12 f That is, which the King gaue her for recompense of that treasure which she broght.

15 g Which summe mounteth to 2400 crownes of the sunne, Budeusde ??? asse.

16 h Or, pounds, called mine whereof euerie one semed to make an hundreth shekels.

18 i That is, the steppes & the fotestole were fastened to the throne.

18 k Vpon the pommels or knoppes.

21 l Which countrey of the best writers is thoght to be Cilicia, read {1 King 10,22}

25 m That is, ten horses in euerie stable, which in all mount to fourtie thousand, as {1King. 4,26}

27 n The abundance of these temporal treasures in Salomons kingdome is a figure of the spiritual treasures, which the elect shal enjoye in the heauens vnder the true Salomon Christ.

29 o That is, which prophecied against him.