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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 7

1 a Hereby God declared that he was pleased with Salomons prayer.

1 ! The fyre consumeth the sacrifice.

8 b The feast of the Tabernacle which was kept in the seuent moneth.

9 c They assembled to heare the worde of God after that they had remained seuen dayes in the bouthes or Tabernacles.

10 d They had leaue to departe the two & twentieth day, {1 King 8,66}, but they went not away til the next day.

14 e I wil cause the pestilence to cease & destroy the beasts that hurt the frutes of the earth, and send raine in due season.

17 ! And promiseth to exalt him and his throne.

20 f Which thing declareth that God had more respect to their saluation, then to the aduancement of his owne glorie: & where as men abuse those things, which God hathe appointed to set forthe his praise, he doeth withdrawe his graces thence.