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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 8

1 a Signifying, that he was twentie yere in buylding them.

2 b That is, which Hiram gaue againe to Salomon because they pleased him not: and therefore called them Cabul, that is, dirt or filth, {1King 9,13}

4 c Meaning,of municions and treasures for the warre.

5 d That is, he repaired and fortified them for they were buylt long before by Seerah a noble woman of the tribe of Ephraim {1 Chro. 6,24}

10 f For in all there were 1300, but here he meaneth of them that had the principal charge, read {1 King 9,23}

13 g Read {Leuit.28}

16 h Bothe for the matter & also the workemanship.

17 i Meaning, the red sea.

18 k Which summe is thoght to mount to thre millions & six hundreth thousand crownes: or here is mencion made of thirtie mo, then are spoken of {1 King 9,28}