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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 6

1 a After that he had sene the glorie of the Lord in the cloude.

4 ! He praiseth the Lord.

11 b Meaning, the two Tables, wherein is conteined the effect of the couenant, that God made with our fathers.

12 c On a skaffolde that was made for that purpose, that he praying for the whole people might be heard of all.

13 d Bothe to giue thankes for the great benefites of God bestowed vpon him, and also to pray for the perseuerance & prosperitie of his people.

14 ! He praieth vnto God for those that shal pray in the Temple.

20 e That thou maiest declare in effect, that thou has a continual care ouer this place.

22 f By reteining any thing from him, or els by denying that which he hathe left him to kepe, or do him any wrong.

22 / Ebr. othe.

23 g Meaning, to giue him that which he hath deserued.

30 h He declareth that the prayers of hypocrites can not be heard, nor of any but of them, which pray vnto God with an vnfained faith and in true repentance.

32 i He sheweth that before God there is no acception of persone, but all people that feareth him and worketh righteousness, is accepted, {Act 10,35}

34 k Meaning that none oght to enterprise any warre,but at the Lords commandement, that is, which is lawful by his worde.

34 / Or, according to the maner of this citie.

41 m Let them be preserued by thy power and made vertuous and holy.

41 l That is, into thy Temple.

42 n Heare my prayer, which am thine anointed King.