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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 5

1 ! The things dedicated by Dauid, are put in the Temple.

2 a Read {2 Sam. 6,12}

3 b When the things were dedicated and broght into the Temple.

3 c Called in Ebrew Ethani, conteining part of September and parte of October, {1 King 8,2}, which Jewes called the first moneth, because, they say, that the worlde was created in that moneth, & after they came from Egypt thei began at Marche: but because this opinion is vncerteine, we make Marche euer the first, as best writers do.

10 d For Aarons rod and Manna were taken thence before it was broght to this place.

13 g This was the effect of their songs.