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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 3

1 ! The Temple of the Lord, and the porche are buylded, with other things thereto belonging.

1 a Which is the mountaine where Abraham thoght to haue sacrificed his sonne, {Gen 22,2}

3 b According to the whole length of the Temple, comprehending the most holy place with the rest.

4 d From the fundacion to the top: for in the boke of Kings mencion is made from the foundation to the first stage.

4 c It conteined as muche as did the breadth of the Temple, {1 King 6,3}

6 e Some thinke it is that place which is called Peru.

14 f Which separated the Temple from the moste holy place.

15 g Euerie one was eighten cubites long, but the halfe cubite colde not be sene: for it was hid in the roundenes of the chapter & therefore he giueth to euerie one but 17, and an halfe.

16 h For euerie piller an hundreth read {1 King 7,20}