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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 4

2 a A great vessel of brasse, so called because of the great quantitie of water, which it conteined, {1 King 7,23}

2 ! The molten Sea.

3 c In the length of euery cubite were ten heades or knoppes which in all are 300.

3 b Meaning, vnder the brim of the vessel, as, {1King. 7,24}

5 d In the first boke of Kings {chap. 7,26} mencion is onely made of two thousand: but the lesse nomber was taken there, & here according as the measures proued afterward is declared.

7 ! The candlestickes, &c.

9 f Called, also the porche of Salomon. {Act. 3,11}. It is also taken for the Temple where Christ preached, {Mat. 21,23}

16 g Whome Salomon reuerenced for the gifts that God had giuen him, as a father: had the same name also that Huram the Kings of Tyrus had, his mother was a Jewies & his father a Tyrian. Some read, for his father, the autor of this worke.

19 h In Ebrewe, the bread of the faces, because they were set before the Arke, where the Lord shewed his presence.

22 i That is, couered with plates of golde.